Simulating Teaching & Learning

(CECS 6800.030)

This course is a study of the current state of the art with respect to simulating teaching & learning. The dual perspectives are those of theoretical / conceptual foundations and possibilities, versus b) limitations of simulators when it comes to implementations in practice. Participants will begin (Assignment 1) by constructing images of themselves in the simulator, and then proceed with attempting to teach the simulated self. In assignment 2, parrticipants will analyze a learner other than self, and repeat the teaching paradigm. In assignment 3, participants will construct new (more appropriate) tasks to be assigned to the two new simulated students, and to others. The final project will be a reflective critique paper addressing some aspect of the simulator and suggesting ways it might be improved.

CECS 6800.030 Meets Monday June 2, plus 4 - 6 additional times during SSI, with the exact scheduling depending on best fit of times for class participants. The targeted schedule will be 2 meetings per week during each of the first four weeks of SSI. Classes will meet 6:30 - 9:30pm, Matthews 308. (Focused case study analyses begin at 5:30 pm on most days.)  Potential meeting dates include:

(Anticipated face-to-face meetings in bold)

Mon. June 2 (class intro, startup, first demo)
Tue. June 3Lisa & Rebekah, GeraldWatch "Getting Started" video before class
Wed. June 4Lisa & Rebekah, GeraldWatch "Creating a Student" video before class
Thu. June 5
Mon. June 9
Tue. June 10
Wed. June 11
Thu. June 12Knezek
Mon. June 16(guest lead presenter -- Knezek call in from DC) Lisa or Rebekah
Tue. June 17 (guest lead presenter -- Knezek call in from DC)
Wed. June 18 (guest lead presenter -- Knezek call in from DC) Lisa or Rebekah
Thu. June 19
Mon. June 23
Tue. June 24
Wed. June 25
Thu. June 26

Nightly Topics (tentative)

Text: Hettler, Gibson, Christensen & Zibit (2008). simMentoring: Guiding Development from Virtual to Real Teaching. (online, free)

    Other recommended readings will be posted.

Meeting Dates: TBA

Description of the Assignments: 

Assignment 1: Construct image of self in the simulator, and then proceed with attempting to teach the simulated self. Post your reflections as a paragraph in moodle.

Assignment 2: Construct an image of a learner you know well (other than yourself) in the simulator, then proceed as in assignment 1.

Assignment 3: Construct new, appropriate tasks for your 2 simulated learners, then proceed as in assignments 1 & 2.

Final Project: Write a paper focusing on one aspect of simulating teaching & learning. Example topics might include:

Deadline for Uploading Final Papers to Moodle: 
Sunday August 3, 2008

Online participation: 10 pts.
Inclass participation: 10 pts.
Three Assignments:  30 pts.
Final project: 50 pts.

Supplimental Video:

Contact Information:
Instructor: G. Knezek
Voice Mail: 940-565-4195
FAX 940-565-4194

Mailing Address:
Technology and Cognition/UNT
P.O. Box 310530
Denton, TX  76203